Campus Community international festival creates a platform for all students from various faculty’s with different talents to unleashing their full potential beyond academia. Cognisant of the fact that most students are well talented in different fields ranging from fine art, academia, poetry, music, entrepreneurship etc the festival will create a platform for student talent development and to nature them to blossom beyond borders into a global landscape. The student’s festival which will start with only local colleges will be natured into the international platform thus paving opportunities and linkages amongst college students.


Campus Community Foundation is a new non-profit making board working closely with all universities and colleges students in Africa with aim to help these students, and develop them into well-polished future leaders. CCF programmes and activities will not only help students but will develop and inspire a next generation of creative, innovative and responsible leaders. Through the Initiative’s various programmes, students will be able to develop a creative mind and unleash their leadership potential. CCF also provides a forum of innovations, competitions, voluntary work at and off the campus and in the surrounding communities. The formation of the foundation, imbedded by the values and spirit of inspiring leadership excellence, is expected to usher in a new spirit of entrepreneurship and innovations among students. It will also maintain harmonious relationship within the university and providing an amicable and effective means to further improve the available facilities with a view to achieving the academic excellence in a holistic manner and thereby help meet the statutory objectives of the university and our country at large.


  • To expose and promote students talent
  • To create platform for creative students through art , drama, music and other competitions
  • To usher in a spirit of creativity and innovations among students
  • To facilitate student linkages and knowledge transfer with other fellow students and corporate community
  • To reward innovation, talent and creativity

These aims and festival objectives shall be pursued in the greater interest of the tertiary institutions, students in general and the surrounding campus community free from any political or sectarian ideology.