Campus Community Foundation seeks to work closely with all universities and colleges students with the aim of helping ease challenges faced by college students whilst creating platform to increase their chances of being fully productive and innovative citizens. We work to tackle these challenges by working with campus students and surrounding communities to create an environment that develops students into role models capable of providing solutions to tackle the day to day challenges that face our communities and the world at large. Our desired outcome will be a new generation of young responsible national and global leaders who live to inspire the next generation. We provide a forum for innovations, entrepreneurship, competitions, talent development, and voluntary work at and off the campus and in the surrounding communities. The formation of the foundation is imbedded by the values and spirit of inspiring leadership excellence, is also expected to usher in a new spirit of entrepreneurship and innovations among students.


To see colleges churn out generations of wholesomely develop, innovative and responsible graduates who live full lives as generational leaders who live to inspire the next.


To reduce campus life challenges and help college students realize their full potential by providing platforms and support structures that set them up for success in life.


“Inspire the next, live to inspire”




  • To reduce the following challenges faced by college students during different times of their college life:
    • Starting college related challenges – normally first semester;
    • Day to day challenges – normally during the entire stay at college, and
    • End of college life changes faced as they go into the outside world.
  • To develop a new generation of young responsible leaders who are innovative, creative and take charge of the community they live in and inspire future generations to be even better leaders than themselves.
  • To provide counsel, financial aid and emotional support to needy students, as appropriate.
  • To usher in a spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovations among students so that when they leave college they are not employment seekers but employment creators.
  • To provide an effective platform for campus students to interact with stakeholders relevant to their success.
  • To provide a platform for students to participate in nation building.
  • To reward innovation, talent and creativity
  • To research and publish college initiatives, challenges and success stories


These aims and objectives shall be pursued in the greater interest of the tertiary institutions, students in general and the surrounding campus community free from any political or sectarian ideology.



We believe our work, of counselling, advisory to new students and community engagement is professional only to the extent that we subscribe to and practice ethical behaviour, in line with the tertiary institutions requirements. We are responsible for the integrity of our actions and, in so far as we can affect them, the actions of our member institutions and organizations.


We will work together with various stakeholders to promote and protect students and their best interests with the laws and guidelines of various institutions and the country at large. Students will also collaborate with stakeholders to ensure they build the nation instead of destroying the moral fibre of society as the current general belief held by societies around colleges.


We believe our profession and activities is based upon trust, mutual respect and honesty, with one another and with all stakeholders.


We believe in and we are committed to promote entrepreneurship spirit and provide such platform among all students irrespective of the field of study.

Fairness and Equity

We believe our members have a responsibility to treat one another, staff, and community in a fundamentally fair and equitable manner.

Social Responsibility

We believe we have a duty to inspire others into being responsible citizens who must have or develop a natural inclination to be socially responsibility people, taking responsibility for societal ills and developing solutions to address those ills.


As CCF we believe innovation is the key to provide solutions to the problems facing our communities. We provide platform for students to unleash their full potential.


Relying on enhanced capabilities to solve problems


Reaching our inspiration for a world free of deprivation


A shared focus on creating a better world.